Jessi B.

A concert seeking, live music enthusiast, turned concert photographer -&- videographer with a minor in long distant road tripping, and a passion to be your favorite radio DJ. Born in the mid-late 80’s when music was embraced like religion, album sales were still a thing -&- Vh1 -&- MTV still televised music videos. I started singing at age 5 and haven’t stopped ever since, which is maybe why my appreciation for music has always been on a different level. I grew up watching -&- learning about the music industry and first hand observing how the technology boom & social media has affected it. I know very respectable bands with 10+ years experience and some highly decorated resumes that still struggle to sell out venues. I joined Asgard Media because I want to become an advocate for the bands that deserve the same respect -&- exposure musicians have had in the past. My name is Jessi B. -&- I cannot wait to share my favorite moments & bands with you.