Jim “Slider” Harwood

Picture of Jim Harwood of Asgard Media

I started listening to rock as a wee lad. My first album was Kiss’ Rock and Roll Over. It was over from there for me. I was hooked. I have listened to rock since the late ’70s but I love all music. I have been to country concerts, rock concerts and even musicals. It’s something I love doing, listening to music. When I was in the Army from ’87-’91, we jammed in our barracks all the time. I think everyone had a kick ass stereo system that pounded the walls. If it was rock or rap, we all listened to it. Our parties were legendary. We had every type of music with every type of soldier in our rooms.

I started Asgard Radio to help the up and coming artists. The bands that otherwise would not have a chance to spread their hard work and expand their audience. It was for the love of music that we started. We think everyone should have a chance to hear the local bands no matter what local means to you. We want to spread the music love worldwide.

We like to think everyone in the world can hear us except China and North Korea.

I hope you enjoy our music and shows. If you have bands or know bands that should be on air, please send their music to us! You can use our “Contact Us” page or email us at AsgardRadioOffical@gmail.com.

We want as many bands as we can get to help everyone get airtime!