Amon Amarth

You know, I really love to see how bands evolve. Some bands change their sound, some bands even change genres, but in Amon Amarth’s case, these guys now put on a theatrical show to go along with their crushing and punishing riffs. One thing I really noticed about AA’s newest album, Jomsviking, was that these songs are written to get the crowd going. You can almost hear and guess when the next chant, or sing a long are next. Predictable, but not in a bad way whatsoever. Now to talk about AA’s stage show. We have all been used to seeing Johann running across a massive viking ship on stage, but this time was a bit different. A huge viking helmet which had their new drummer’s kit on it took up most of the stage, and the band played while actors LARPed during the performance. Definitely a change of pace from your average metal show. I can definitely bet on AA stepping up their stage game in the future, but for now they are still giving us fans a very sweet show pleasing to the eyes and ears.