Anthrax and Lamb of God

Opening for LOG and Anthrax was Deafhaven, a symphonic metal band hailing from San Franscisco. April’s first thought was that their sound was confusing, nothing about them made sense. An amalgamation of soothing rhythms and gut wrenching vocals, that gently hug you while ripping out your soul. A strange combination to some. By the third song, however, she was a fan. She understood the anger in George Clarke’s vocals and the sadness in the guitar. While the Royal Oak Music Theatre left the band in the dark for much of the set, which resulted in no viable pictures, the darkness added to the overall intrigue of the band.

Anthrax hit the stage with the fury of 20 year olds, despite their age. Their energy is incomprehensible; our team was yawning at 10PM. It’s kind of incredible how wild Joey Belladonna still is on stage. The crowd came alive to the iconic thrash metal group, moshing, and singing along to every song.

Lamb of God took the stage and transformed the audience into something meaner and more aggressive. The pit was brutal, like nothing she had never experienced. The crowd soaking up every move the band made. They were on point their entire set down to the details of Mark Bilek ingesting Randy’s sweat while shooting!