Avatar Rocks Baltimore!

Citizens of Avatar Country!! Your King has invaded and crushed the Baltimore Soundstage on the day of January 13, 2018. The stage was set to grab the attention of the almost 800 attendees of this special musical metal performance.

Chills, Drills, and Freaky Thrills started off this metal spectacle of a lifetime. The Hellzapoppin Freak Show brought circus sideshow awe front and center stage. Bryce Graves, Short E. Dangerously, Dan Sperry, and Ryan Stock put on a cringeworthy performance for all ages to view. There were bowling balls swinging from nose hooks, prophylactic sheathed screwdrivers (because you ALWAYS wrap your tools) being submerged in skulls, razor blade swallowing, and swan dives off ladders onto beds of broken bottles.

Next up, the stage gave way to rock band The Brains. This rockabilly trio got the crowd moving with smooth rhythm double bass, drums, and great vocals. Lead singer Rene D La Muerte got the crowd rocking to such songs as “Out of the Dark,” “We’ll Rise,” and who doesn’t wanna hear “More Brains?”  The really kept the night moving for the final.

Finally it was time for the main event. Stage tapestry for the Citizens of Avatar was pulled to prepare for their arrival. The King sat center stage and the night kicked off with royal respect paid first with “Glory To Our King” and “Legend of the King”. The show lit in to full swing after the opening songs and turned the heat up with “Let it Burn”. Fans were packed from bar top to VIP and spilling over into the merchandise area head-banging with the band and moshing to the concert. No disappointment was to be found as the lead singer, Johannes Eckerstrom, belted out ALL the hits such as “Bloody Angel,” “Tower,” “War Song,” and many more great hits the band has to offer.

The entire event was a fantastic combination of Circus, Sideshow, Rock, Metal and complete entertainment for all patrons.

Review: Paige James for Out With Ambler

Photos: Out with Ambler