Beyond the Fade

Although this was the was the last date of the Fozzy/ Gemini Syndrome tour at Johnny and June’s Ultra Saloon in Winston Salem, NC, you wouldn’t have known it! All the bands brought the energy, smiles and fun that each and every fan was anticipating.

Beyond The Fade started the evening with a show that would have easily fit as a top spot on it’s own. This five piece, based out of the Concord North Carolina area, comes off super clean and professional. Great music, great stage presence and just a great group of guys. Hop on over to Spotify or Reverbnation and give a listen to “Welcome To The Pain” and “12 Steps”. Excellent tunes.

Next up we had The Stir out of Atlanta Georgia. WOW! Had no idea what these guys were going to sound like! This young group of guys seemed to be channeling the heart and soul of bands such as AC/DC, a smidge of Guns and Roses, and even some 90’s grunge. Very entertaining. Be sure to check out “Nightshift” and “Legitimate” on Itunes or better yet, go catch them in person.

Then as the lights came down for the third time this evening, “Sinners” hearts filled with delight. Gemini Syndrome was here to lead the crowd through a journey of the mind and soul. With songs such as “Pleasure And Pain”, “Resurrection”, “Eternity”and “Remember We Die” they provoked the thoughts and feelings of the crowd in a very unique way, causing one to pause and think about the grand scheme of life and the journey through it. The band has had a few lineup changes, yet they performed as though they had been together as a family for years. The set was closed out with their hit “Stardust” which every “Sinner” knows by heart!

For the main event of the evening Chris Jericho (of professional wrestling fame) and his band Fozzy hit the stage with the fervor of a title match. Fozzy is a band that’s very fun to watch. Great crowd interaction, catchy hit songs from satellite radio and not to mention, Chris Jericho’s light up WWE leather jacket! You just couldn’t keep your eyes off the stage! They started off with their current hit “Judas” to get the crowd up and jumping. Then we had Fozzy favorites such as “Do You Want To Start A War”, “Lights Go Out”, “Sandpaper” and even covering “S.O.S.” by Abba.

Even though this tour is in the books, you can still need to catch all these bands on upcoming tours. Be sure to follow each one on social media for upcoming dates near you.

Out With Ambler