Bridge to Grace

The doors opened promptly at 7PM on March 4th at the Warehouse in Clarksville, TN for Bobaflex, Artifas, Bridge to Grace,and the headliner of the show The Veer Union.

Bobaflex opened and were the perfect fit to get us “warmed up” and more “stoked” for the remaining bands. They included “Sound of Silence” in their set, which was mind blowing to hear live!

Fans began to move to the front for Artifas, and as they played their set, it was easy to see why. The passion that they showed on stage, I was so honored that I was able to photograph them. I had never seen them before and their music is now on my playlist.

As the night went on, the warehouse grew a little more in population for the third band, Bridge to Grace. This was another band I had never seen before. They are from Atlanta, GA and they too blew the house down. I saw so many fans singing lyrics back to the band, and luckily, I was able to capture a few of those moments.

Lucky for us rock fans, we had the privilege of rocking out to one last band for the night. The Veer Union. They have just released a new album too and if you don’t have it, you should go get it. It’s called “Decade” and it includes their top hit “Defying Gravity”, which I just can’t stop playing. I’ve seen these guys a few times, and every time I see them, they amaze me. Their energy and passion and music just draw you in.

What a great mixture of bands and the perfect Friday night for a full night full of rock.