What a killer show! Out With Ambler was sure pleased to cover this Sunday night celebration of goth, techno, metal and industrial!

Local metal band Murder Maiden gave it to us hard and heavy, getting the crowd pumped for what was to come.

Next up was Davey Suicide. These guys have been through hell and back with their record label struggles and let me tell you, it has done nothing but made them more powerful.

Then we had September Mourning and their brand of pop culture fantasy.

Dope, what can I say, Dope always puts on a great show. See them when ever they come to town, Hell, just take your ass to what ever town they are playing!

This was Out With Ambler’s first time seeing Combichrist and I promise you it won’t be the last. Totally blown away by these guys and especially the performance by drummer Joe Letz. I couldn’t take my eyes of his showmanship!

This was one hell of a great show. Pleased as hell to have covered it.

Out With Ambler