John 5 & The Creatures Bring The Horror

Tuesday night’s show was a blood pumping musical spectacle to be heard by all at the Blind Tiger.  The venue was packed with patrons who were extremely excited to see the 3 bands playing that night.

The night began with rock/metal band Written in Gray. This youthful Winston Salem-based band was spectacular, playing fresh songs like “River of Blood” and other vocal hits that the crowd loved.

Norm continued the show, playing second in the lineup, to keep the rock/metal vocal vibe flowing. The band had more plasma pleasing tunes to offer like “There Will Be Blood” and finished the night with “Driving to Hell”.  Then it was time for the main event to take stage.

John 5 & The Creatures came to the stage with guitars “swinging”. The legendary guitar god played almost 2 dozen songs for the crowd and did not fail to amaze fans, complete with full costume, makeup, and stage props galore. 2 TV monitors adorned either side of the drum set playing spliced horror film footage on loop while blow-up Halloween lawn decor was sprinkled throughout the band members. John 5 came to the stage with a light-up mouthpiece as he strummed out “Flight of Vulcan Kelly” and transitioned to “Crazy Ones” but not before tossing his prized mouth jewel to a loyal rail-guarding fan. The nights musical interlude continued with audience assistance to classics like “EnterSandMan” and a banjo solo. The worldwide musical artist was extremely versatile with his finger play and finalized a spectacular end to the evening with encore to Micheal Jackson’s “Beat It” while the crowd sang along again.

Review By: Paige James for Out with Ambler

Photos By: Out with Ambler