Slider spent the evening with the guys (and gal) from Screaming for Silence, Psychopathic Daze, Mis-Hurd, and Farwatch on 8/15. Here is what Slider had to say about his experience:

“Despite competing with Slipknot and Lamb of Fod, I was at the show I needed to be at. Brand new band to the scene MiS-HuRD opened up with a vintage punk sound. They call it Mutt Rock, because they have different sounds they like to experiment with. Next was Farwatch, with the lovely and incredible voice of Mary from the band Beyond the Years of Silence. I didn’t recognize her at first. The band is awesome and you definitely need to check them out. Next up, Psychopathic Daze fucking killed it. I had not had the opportunity to see them live and now I need to get out to their show again. Unbelievable set. Then the kick ass music from Screaming For Silence. I would follow them like a Deadhead if I could. they are so damn good. Totally independent so please go get their stuff. Best bunch of guys to drink with and so damn awesome on stage. I’m glad I picked this show over the other.”