The Avatar/Mushroomhead concert was insane. AJ and Jim went to cover the show on Oct. 29th at the Fuel Room in Illinois. Avatar came out with Hail the Apocalypse and the crowd went wild. The band from Sweden is amazing. With their circus like attire and the lead singers make up, they put on a show that is well fit for a macabre circus. They put on one hell of a show.

Mushroomhead had a fantastic black light show. They were in glowing outfits and their masks were all painted to glow in the black lights. The base drummers with the water bouncing off was something like Blue Man Group. This band knows how to rile a crowd. They interact with and make the crowd part of the show. You can see the pictures that their masks and outfits were all a glow with the black lights. If ever there is a band you need to see, it’s Mushroomhead.