Night Club Duo Shows Off Unique Style

Photos by Out with Ambler
Review by Paige James

On Wednesday, 13 June, The Blind Tiger was entertained by an amazing duo called Night Club. Based out of Los Angeles, California, singer Emily and auto-composer Mark make a great musical team. The electronic performance was mesmerizing as Mark complemented Emily while she made the stage her own with their latest hit release “Candy Coated Suicide”. They played other hits like “Bad Girl,” “Dear Enemy,” and “Show it 2 Me.” This band got a great start when they were able to compose the soundtrack for Comedy Central’s Moonbeam City. They have even been featured on the “Jersey Shore” soundtrack and a film called “Nerdland.” If you have a chance to check them out, it is worth a  listen.

The show also featured groups like Till Death Do Us PartLast Nights Villain, and Geoff Tate – all of which were a great opening feature for Night Club. This show really rocked.