This past Sunday Out With Ambler set off to cover The Last Hero tour for Asgard radio. From start to finish the bands did not disappoint.

Weapons Anew took the stage at full power with a high-energy set that really got the crowd wound up for our next act, Nonpoint.


Does Nonpoint ever put on a bad show? I don’t believe it would be possible! As per usual they were on point from start to finish(pun intended ). This band demands fan involvement and their fans are always happy to oblige.

Our last hero of the night, Alter Bridge was definitely that, Heroes. Their set was amazing as always. Once I was done with my photog duties I watched the remainder of the show where I could also do some people watching. The look in fans eyes were as though they were looking at their Heroes. I saw couples in loving embrace, I saw fans singing along with every word as if these lyrics had touched their soul. I had even spoken with a gentleman before the show who told me how Alter Bridge lyrics had helped him escape the grasp of drug addiction. An Alter Bridge show is not just a concert , it is a mind, body and spirt experience.