Rock Fest for Vets 2014

Another Rock Fest for Vets in the books. What a killer time. We had this year’s event at JJ Kelly’s in Lansing, IL and had bands from the Midwest come in for the show. Everyone donated their time and talents for the event. We had raffle items donated by friends to help raise money. We donated about $800 to the PTSD foundation this year. Ephin Epic, Depriving the Masses, Psychomancer, Legions of Raum and our awesome headlining of Expired Empire was a show to beat all. We even had a little bit of rapping from the drummer of Expired Empire. We had a lot of shots and beers and fun. We here are Asgard Radio are very appreciative of the people that help out every year. From the donations to coming out to support our men and women in uniform.