Rock on the Range 2012

Rock On The Range 2012 was epic. This being only our 1st year here we made some great friends and contacts. The highlight of the weekend was when Ryan McCombs came for the interview with Asgard he loved our microphone. He kept saying it looked like a HUGE penis. As he kept talking about the giant silver penis, he got closer and closer. We laughed a lot with Soil had a kick ass interview. After their set Ryan came back and partied with us. My son Anthony and Ryan then proceeded into getting into a war of words. I wish I could have gotten that on film. Ryan stayed with all of us at Asgard for the rest of the evening. We did get other interviews like Miss May I, Otherwise and Mastodon. Among others.

My Daughter Heather, worked the room. She would go up to anyone and tell them “My dad has a radio station over there. Come do an interview”. Who’s going to say no to a blond 14 year old girl? Yep, my secret weapon. She even spoke to Anthrax. They were on table away and then got whisked off for their sound check. I think we will return to ROTR for future shows. We can give them the best worldwide coverage anywhere.