Rock on the Range 2013

Rock on The Range 2013 Well this year the Ohio weather treated us with a bit of a cool day. Friday was rainy and chilly. Very surprising for what is usually a balmy weekend. Saturday was chilly but no rain and Sunday warmed up. The concerts went on and the crowd was huge as usual. The interviews were a plenty because the rockers wanted to stay in the warm tent after their set. It seems that we can never tell what is going to happen here in Ohio. Coming to Rock On The Range is pretty much a great vacation for all of us here at Asgard Radio. We love coming here to cover the event. The bands are very accessible and fun to interview. There are some of the “handlers” that work here that are a bit persnickety and rude. They think they run the place. But we drive on because it’s worth the coverage. We hope we have a long relationship with ROTR for years to come.