Rock on the Range 2015

Day 1 started off slow in the media tent but not on the stages. Shaman’s Harvest brings the metal every time they hit the stage. They came in for a killer interview you can see on Asgard Video. XFactor1 is always a killer show. I only got to see one song from Apocalyptica but I was so fuckin’ impressed. I have never seen 3 basses (not guitars) played like that. It was metal to the next level. Then Dorothy came in for an interview. This interview was the best group yet. She is so much fun to sit with and talk. The guys tried to give out info about their tour and she is like the little sister that wants the floor. She by NO means is arrogant or needy of the spotlight, she is just fun and exciting and so damn adorable you can’t help but love this young lady. Go check out the interview. You’ll see what I mean. I am now a huge fan of Dorothy. To wrap up the night, Marilyn Manson was insane as always. Fucker is out of his mind. I have never had the chance to see Slipknot until day 1 and I have a whole new view of them. They are fucking great. Not only can they sing and play instruments, they are incredible showman. I was totally amazed at their show, sound and, well, just about everything thing else they did. Unbelievable show.

Day 2 was busy as hell. Screaming For Silence, the winner of the Ernie Ball contest, opened the day with a hard to follow show. They are amazing. The interview with them showed they were grateful and humbled by the win. Like a Storm followed and got the crowed even more pumped up for the day. I got to interview In Flames and Mr. Tremonti stopped by. I was privileged to interview the entire band. Mark called in a week earlier and still took 5 mins to stop by. He makes sure he gets to all his fans and gives time to everyone. In This Moment went on stage and Maria is another act hard to follow. She changed outfits for every song. She danced and head banged with the audience and never missed a beat or sounded out of breath. All with no lip synching. Then at the end of the night I finally got to see Judas Priest. Enough said.

Day 3 kicked off with Kristen seeing Santa Cruz and Art of Dying. Great way to start the third and final day. I was privileged to start the interview day with The Pretty Reckless. It was funny when we got to talking and I called the drummer Capt. Caveman. They laughed and said that may stick. I also had a movie in mindwhen he said he wanted to be a beach bum. I thought it was an Eddie Murphy movie and I was off. I thought of “Fletch”. That interview was quite funny because I was the perfect idiot. Motionless In White came in but were rushed out and I unfortunately didn’t get to talk to the this year. Then came in Halestorm. The place looked like a bunch of ants scurrying for food. They had three handlers trying to get each member at a table for an interview. I was told I had Josh for 2 mins. He sat and we had a great chat. When we were wrapping up Arejay, being his high energy self, came in and jumped in the camera. It was a great shot of him. We did get pictures with them also. All in all it was a great Rock On The Range. I look forward to covering the event for years to come. Thank you to Michelle Love for letting us cover the show and play with the other stations. It truly is a family out there.