Skinbound took to the brand new stage at MF Metal Music in Bryant, Arkansas following Dead Horse Trauma with the confidence and swagger you would expect from a seasoned touring act. The crowd was immediately impressed as evidenced by the bodies writhing and the heads bobbing. Even with the technical issues they encountered, there was no drop off in enthusiasm or energy from the band or the audience. The venue was a shop dedicated to metal and nothing else. With a brand new stage and brand new music equipment, there were some issues in terms of sound. Nonetheless, all went off without a hitch, and everybody finished the night with sore necks and smiles on their faces.

3/25/15 – Bada Brew

Slider got to see a killer show. Maggot Factory kicked it off with a nut thumping set. They were so intense that the lead vocals eyes rolled back in his head when singing. The guys are intense. Next came Skinbound. HOLY SHIT!!!! About sums it up. They kicked off their tour right here in Joliet, IL and tore it up. Not only are they killer on stage with their music, the keyboardist is the comic on stage. With doing Popeye style dancing to back flips, he really brought a split personality to the stage. Heavy metal meets heavy mental. Wrapping up the night was Corrupt the Masses. Hard core meats melodic is how I would describe them. They played with such intense persona then threw some melodic tones at you. The lead singer, to me, was a throwback for Slider personality. He could have grown up in the 70’s and 80’s punk rock era. He gives off that vibe. With his black Mohawk and jean shorts and chains, he is one great lead man. We want to wish all these bands the best of luck and we are here when they have music to send out to the masses.