It was a steamy mid summers evening down south and as far as the eye could see were people dressed in black. Slayer had come to town.

I, Out With Ambler, was not about to miss this legendary Summer tour of Behemoth with Lamb Of God opening for the mighty Slayer. Lamb of God could have EASILY headlined and brought the metal faithful, so to have them on the very same ticket as Slayer was a gift from the Metal Gods.

Having never seen Behemoth I was very anxious for them to take the stage. Well, I’m sold. What a powerhouse of Death Metal. This band from Poland introduced themselves to us with Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer and left us all in a mass grave with Chant For Eschaton 2000. I promise you this, I WILL be seeking out another Behemoth show.

Next we have Lamb Of God. Five time Grammy nominated Lamb Of God, that is! They Laid to Rest the crowd but did give us Something To Die For. We knew we were Descending because Randy Blythe insisted everyone Walk With Me In Hell, which was perfectly agreeable as we knew we were nothing more than a Redneck. Aaaahhhhhh LOG how I do love the! ALWAYS on top of their game. An amazing show.

It’s beginning to get dark here at the Red Hat Amphitheater and that means only one thing. Slayer will soon be taking the stage. Twenty songs. TWENTY! Who does that? SLAYER that’s who! From the title track of their latest, Repentless to Hate Worldwide. Dead Skin Mask, Hell Awaits, Raining Blood and ending with Angel Of Death we got MORE than our monies worth. I find it amazing to watch fans leave a show where songs would be considered morbid in such a jovial state. It was like a celebration. One big metal family that I’m proud to say I belong to.

Out With Ambler