Sonic Temple 2019

Sonic Temple Fest, which use to be Rock on The Range, was a collaboration of rock, metal, and art. The stadium was covered with fantastic designs taken from ancient temples of old. Pillars throughout the concours were painted on site to highlight the talents of different artists. Although the rain and storm tried to keep people away, it was no match for the rockers that attended. Most that I talked to wanted to see how DWP would stack up against the past ROTR. There were mixed emotions on the fest. The biggest approval was the walking room. The openness of the event made it easier to get from stage to stage. The most complained about issue was how far everything was from the stages. The vendors were spread out across the the entire area that once held twice the vendors along with the stages being further apart. Aside from that, the music was great, the bands did not disappoint, and, of course, The Island Noodles were there. As they should be at every event.