Taking it Back with BUSH

Show Review by Paige James for Out with Ambler

Photos by Out with Ambler

Tuesday night’s show was an amazing display of just how rock and roll can transcend the years and still capture an audience of ALL ages. This fantastic event took place at Phase 2 in Lynchburg VA. The venue had 2 lines wrapped around the building in anticipation of the 3 bands that would be playing that night including legendary band BUSH.

The show started early to ensure the show had all the time it needed to rock. Big Jesus started the evening and played some great songs like “Lock and Key,” and “Gold Forever“.

Australian band Atlas Genius really got the crowd moving with a great cover of “You Spin Me Round” and finishing with one of their hits called “Molecules.”

The stage darkened and instruments sounded to an all too familiar tune called “Zen“. Even 24 years later, the song sounded just as great as when it was released in 1994.  Lead singer Gavin Rossdale sang beautifully as he performed on stage in denim pants and paint stained shirt. The talented musician showed the crowd no mercy as he began to belt out amazing hit after hit such as “Chemicals Between Us,” “The Sound of Winter“, “Greedy Fly“, “Swallowed“, and “The Gift.” Gavin is such a sweetheart that during The Gift he came over to a lucky young girl and basically serenaded her (which in itself is likely something that most of the grown women, including myself, in the audience secretly dream of). The energetic star decided to heat things up during “Little Things” by moving along the full stage, jumping off stage and going out into the crowd. Full crowd participation ensued as Rossdale decided to dance on bar tops off the sides of the main floor and even had to soldier through patrons after one exuberant fan tried to take him home right there on the spot.

The show did not slow down there. The entire band rocked out the final songs that EVERYONE sang to: “Machinehead,” R.E.M’s “The One I Love,” “Glycerine,” and the final showstopping song “Comedown.” The entire show was an experience worth having, and if you have an opportunity to see BUSH it is a show that can give you that nostalgic feeling and still have you presently impressed with just how amazing the band STILL is to date.