Texas Hippie Coalition Gets Down and Dirty with their Red Dirt Metal family!

“Riding High In The Saddle,” the boys from Texas rode in to Richmond, Virginia this past Friday night to deliver their own unique brand of Red Dirt Metal! And Out With Ambler was ready and willing to get dirty!!

Texas Hippie Coalition is touring in support of their new album Riding High In The Saddle featuring the first, and mighty high proof, single Moonshine!

To say THC’s fan base is loyal is one of the biggest understatements one could make. This group of musical outlaws has a “family” in their fans. Take a walk into one of their shows and you will immediately become part of it.

We in the THC family were treated to some of our favorites by the band such as “8 Seconds,”  “Stevie Nicks,” and, of course, the Dirt Metal anthem for the ages “Pissed Off and Mad About It.” The crowd, being family, was obviously well versed in the new music, singing right along with “Moonshine” and “Dirty Finger” (an audience participation song!).

Do not EVER miss THC when they come to your town! And you can bet your last jar of Moonshine that Out With Ambler will be at every show near her!