Uproar Festival

We had the privilege of covering Uproar this year. We were able to get some killer interviews from Buckcherry, Escape the Fate and more. It was nice getting interviews with bands with buses because it was so hot out. When I got into Escape the Fate’s bus I didn’t want to leave. They were an awesome host. They let me sit for a bit and watch some tv with them before and after the interview. My son Anthony bought a water bottle that squirted a stream of water or a mist. Since we were given cold water backstage, he would fill up this quart bottle and squirt the audience. They loved him. He did this quite a few times until we had to switch stages. AJ of A2Z Photography was with us and got some great pictures behind the stage and in front.

The setup of 2 stages with all these bands was great for the media covering the show. There was ample time to get set up for each band with interviews. I hope we get to cover Uproar for many years to come.