Year of the Locust

The awesome folks at Lynchburg Concerts allowed me, Out With Ambler, all access at the Puddle of Mud show at Phase 2 in Lynchburg. And let me tell you what guys, it was a great show.

Last Nights Villain kicked off the evening with a great set. For being a pretty new band, they are really making waves. Next we had Year of the Locust. These guys were real crowd pleasers.

The crowd was super excited when Tantric hit the stage, and how can you not be? Hugo has a voice like no other and the rest of the guys are great musicians. Saving Abel hit the crowd with a one-two punch of fast, fun, furious rock and roll. Always a ton of fun!

Then we had Puddle of Mudd. Yes, Wes DID show up and yes, Wes DID put on a good show. We all know Wes has his demons, and I believe they tried to surface at one point. Nevertheless the crowd stayed on their feet, dancing, cheering and horns in the air. Puddlepulled it off for the crowd in Lynchburg Virginia and I have no doubt that they would be welcomed back with open arms.