Courtnie Weber

Courtnie WeberMusic is life. A lot of people say that, but few mean it – I mean it. Music is my coping mechanism, the way I relax, express anger, fear, doubt, happiness, excitement – if I feel it, I can find a song to match that feeling. I’ve been volunteering with Reddit to help with “Ask Me Anything” sessions for several years, and recently found Asgard Radio at Riot Fest Chicago. After chatting with Jim, we decided that the East Coast needed a Representative, and I was more than happy to dive in and help.

I love music of all kinds; I’m not picky. My true love has always been rock music, though. From Godsmack to Cradle of Filth, Paramore to Metallica, Icon for Hire to Led Zeppelin, and Framing Hanley to Hollywood Undead, I listen to and love it all. I’m thrilled to be photographing shows in the NYC area, and can’t wait to share my experiences with you all! As Media Coordinator, I’m happy to help maintain our website, work on our social media accounts, and handle press inquiries on behalf of Asgard Radio.