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What’s up Asgardians??? We have been hard at work through the entire covid bullshit. First let me introduce our 3 new DJ’s. Erik “Erock” Metzen,  Bryce Relitz and Chris Ness. Check out the shows and hear the new voices of Asgard Radio.

I want to get the new times for all the DJ’s out there as well. All times are Central Time US

Monday: Doc Metal  1-4pm CST, April 8-11pm CST

Tuesday: Miss Shockwave 5:30-7:30 AM,  Wade 11am-2pm, Slider 5-8pm, George 8-10pm

Wednesday: Miss Shockwave 5:30-7:30 AM,  Wade 11am-2pm, Bryce 6-9pm

Thursday:  Miss Shockwave5:30-7:30AM,  Wade 11am-2pm,  Slider 5-8pm

Friday: Erock 7am-10am, Bryce 6-9pm, Chris 9-11pm

Saturday: Loki midnight to 7 am, erock 7-12, loki 12-4, Shockwave 4-6, chronic 6-midnight

Sunday: Erock 7am-10am, Chris 12pm-2pm, Erock 2pm

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Sophist - Dissolution


Those who yearn for the electric catharsis of loud guitars, driving rhythms, hypnotic hooks, and the strength of shared experience have a new muse in Madame Mayhem.

The Manhattan born singer/songwriter and burgeoning rock icon-in-the-making has weaponized the darkness, turning it into a rallying cry for all who were ever cast aside. Songs like “Broken,” “War You Started,” and “So Wrong” are equal parts timeless sentiment, bareknuckle fury, and energized urgency. Madame Mayhem’s songs rival the best of Modern Rock, early ‘90s emotive-grunge, and nü-metal angst.

As her name suggests, Madame Mayhem takes charge of her own anxiety, hurt, and alienation, crushing it with sheer force of will, then channeling the remaining ether into pulse-pounding anthems, instantly connecting with anyone who has struggled.

Madame Mayhem doesn’t fit comfortably in any one box, shifting seamlessly from pile driving to almost precious with skilled frenzy. In fact, Madame Mayhem boasts the arena-ready thrill of Disturbed, the soaring chest-pounding sensibility of Breaking Benjamin, the brazen, clever, and rad attitude of Pat Benatar, all delivered with the grand theatricality of Iron Maiden and the operatic thunder of Evanescence.

Ready For Me

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Aversed - "Impermanent"

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